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Improving Immuno-oncology Patient Response Rates

Improving Immuno-oncology Patient Response Rates

Discover the four cornerstones of improving patient response rates. Combination therapies, precision medicine, trial design and regulatory challenges

This e-book explores the importance and challenges of improving patient response. It also provides in-depth analysis, insight and knowledge from the industry, including:

  • Developments in combination therapies and the impact on patient response rates
  • The use of precision medicine in immuno-oncology
  • The impact of trial design on patient response rates and rational trial design vs. empirical science
  • Regulatory challenges of immuno-oncology combinations with advanced therapy medicinal products


The common denominator across all of these insights is one of collaboration and partnerships, whether it’s between academia, biotech and big pharma, a sponsor and a vendor or two individuals with a common goal. Without ‘combinations’ and collaborations, we cannot hope to significantly improve patient response rates and, ultimately, improve the lives of patients in need.

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Improving Immuno-oncology Patient Response Rates

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