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Space - the next frontier for 'global' pharma

25 Jan 2019
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Each time a new tool has been discovered, the pharma industry has made significant leaps in defining new treatments for patients.  Mapping of the human genome led to an explosion of personalized medicine applications, and new techniques for gene editing, like CRISPR, have provided opportunities for therapies that were previously unimaginable.  New and innovative approaches are the hallmark of what drives progress in the pharma industry.  With the International Space Station (ISS) as an accessible innovation platform, Space represents the next frontier for "global" pharma initiatives.  Microgravity, as a new tool, provides the potential to reshape the paradigm of pharma discovery and manufacturing.  Removing gravity changes the physical behavior of materials and biological processes allowing new insights into mechanisms of disease, the discovery of potential new therapeutics, and manufacturing opportunities that could revolutionize the industry.  Pharma excellence and progress to date has been achieved by pushing boundaries. Space represents an opportunity to move beyond the boundaries of Earth to for the next giant leap for pharma and Mankind.    As access to Space continues to become more accessible, it’s time for pharma to ask what if the next medical breakthrough isn't on the planet but 250 miles up in low Earth Orbit? 

Jana Stoudemire, Chief Commercialization Officer - Space Tango
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