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Phacilitate Blog: The Road to Advanced Therapies Week: Part 1

Phacilitate Blog: The Road to Advanced Therapies Week: Part 1

The Road to Advanced Therapies Week Part 1

The Road to Advanced Therapies Week: Part 1

Phacilitate committed to the term ‘advanced therapies’ back in 2016 and if you search on your favourite social media platform today, it's plain to see this is a definition that has now been adopted globally.

We're all lucky to be witnessing the progression of our field in real time, whether it’s hitting milestones in allogenic scale up; new clinical data in solid tumours; advances in the latest automated technologies or gearing up of nurses and clinical staff to administer commercially, there’s A LOT to be excited about.

You can learn first-hand what some of these developments mean for the field of advanced therapies, i.e. the early stage biotech, the investor, the clinician, the patient and the commercial companies that are disrupting our sector by collaborating and being brave enough to fail fast.

Advanced Therapies Week 2020, Miami is where connections happen naturally

Advanced Therapies Week is THE destination for anyone developing, investing in or interested in cell and gene therapies and tissue engineered products. Throughout the week, a focused series of events take place that serve everyone from biotechs to investors, tech providers to healthcare professionals and, now, the public.

Date: January 2020

Location: Miami 

The week is a home for a series of important scientific meetings including Phacilitate Leaders World, World Stem Cell Summit, Women in Advanced Therapies, the ISCT Commercialization Signature Series and the Regenerative Medicine in Action Awards. Also introduced this year are the free to attend Advanced Therapies 101 for the Nursing Professional and Frost Science Museum’s Future of Medicine Day, an educational day designed for the public.

  • Phacilitate Leaders World and World Stem Cell Summit - we've streamlined the content down to six tracks all on one level, fewer steps to finding your tribe
  • Women in Advanced Therapies - the mentorship program is coming to the end of its first year and we'll be meeting up in Miami to share stories and inspire more women to take the next step in their career
  • Regenerative Medicine in Action Awards - this annual ceremony honours those that have advanced research, funding and advocacy in regenerative medicine and helped to lay the foundation needed for new cures
  • Advanced Therapies 101 for the Nursing Professional - a two-day summit, designed to train nurses on a playbook for CAR-T. Free to attend for qualified nurses, you can apply here
  • Future of Medicine Day - did I mention there’s a public day? If educating the public is important to you, we would love to hear from you. Join us at the museum takeover with an activation table or give a talk to youngsters on Martin Luther King Jr Day at the Frost Science Museum, Miami

Are you a member of any of these organisations? They'll be at Advanced Therapies Week too with their own meet-ups for members.

  • Foundation for Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) – FACT InterCHANGE - overcoming obstacles in implementing novel cellular therapies within FACT-accredited blood and marrow transplant (BMT) programs
  • International Society Cell and Gene Therapy (ISCT) – ISCT Commercialisation Signature Series: translation through to commercialisation
  • Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Society (RMMS) - the RMMS promotes the scale-up of regenerative medicine manufacturing technologies and processes to facilitate the smooth and quick transition of new therapies to market for the benefit of patients

Outside of the conference, we're making sure people can find time to network whilst having fun, relaxing and keeping fit…

Boat party - This year, the Biscayne Lady will take delegates off the Miami coast with a Caribbean twist. Think steel band, rum reggae and jerk chicken

Yoga - Is there a better way to start your day than some yoga before a busy conference day?

Fun run - If you're feeling a bit more energetic join me, David Green and the Biotechne team for a fun run!

PLW 2020 - Advanced Therapies Week

Advanced Therapies Week is brought to you by advanced therapies front runners Phacilitate, founders of the first commercial conference in cell and gene therapy, along with a definitive list of non-profit partners including the ISCT, FACT, RMF, RMMS and more.

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